And That’s a Wrap

We’re home safe and the magical journey known as Europe 2017 is over.

There was one final Singapore “beer of the day” and it was another bloody Tiger! Garrie will have to go and buy a Singha in Coffs lol!

And one final yummy Asian meal in the Qantas lounge. (The Sydney soup and sandwiches option could take a lesson from Singapore).

One final business class glass of champers, (ok sparkling wine).

After under 2 hours of sleep and the movie The Beguiled, which I found interesting but less than beguiling, breakfast and we found ourselves in Sydney.

One thing we noticed was that the planes were getting smaller. From our fantastic A380-800 from Frankfurt to Singapore, Qantas used an A330 to get us to Sydney and then we were in the tiny dash 8 to Coffs where a thunderstorm had us bobbing around the clouds like a cork and we discovered later that there were golf sized hailstones west of Coffs so we were lucky it wasn’t worse. Welcome home!

In Sydney we had had a tedious wait to see a quarantine officer to check our wooden bits and bobs purchased about the place, (I blame it on the TV program Border Security.  It used to be faster going through the “declare” channel but now everyone is doing it!  We looked for cameras so we could wave Michael but alas not a filming day.) Thankfully all our things made it through though the Christmas decorations were very carefully inspected for rogue bits of pine cone or seed attachments. A few hours in the Qantas Club lounge and our last flight of this trip and home to Coffs and our furry baby. Oh and yes – one final beer of the day.

Garrie took one mouthful, spluttered and said “that’s terrible!” So which was the best beer?  I’m told that is a tough question. Certainly Garrie enjoyed the British ales far more than he has on the past two trips so perhaps his tastes are changing, though he still remains a lager man. He says he really enjoyed the Tiger beer but says that could just be that beer in a much warmer climate is so much more refreshing, (and when it’s washing down chilli crab!). Perhaps we’ll have to get a few friends together in one place with any of the beers we can find and do some taste testing.

So we are home and we have just woken from a lovely eight hours plus sleep and the first thing we noted was all the beautiful bird sounds – that and a purring cat!  Garrie took this just minutes after we arrived home – Libby still loves me.

A few statistics

53 days to 7 countries, (Hungary, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Wales and Singapore – yes we landed in Switzerland but airport transfers don’t count). 13 different beds. Yes I counted 3 flights in this as business class beds do count.

I have written 63 blog posts and my rough count of photos taken is 2,660. Most have appeared in the blogs but not all. If anyone wants to count up the number in the blog posts do let me know. Looking at Sydney Airport the blog had been visited some 4,293 times by 634 viewers, though I believe that is roughly 50 people revisiting. Where people viewed from is interesting and the Australia, NZ, UK, US, Netherlands, Hungary and Singapore I can account for but who is following this from Canada, Denmark and Sweden?

Worst things that happened. Minor panic at Amsterdam airport and blisters in Singapore and neither proved an issue.  Hmm ok now I’ve remembered that bug with all the nose blowing and coughing – could have done without that.

Best things that happened. Too many tell. Loved the Amabella, the Hungarian Parliament Building, the Castles, the Christmas decs,  the Princess, the salmon, the beer, all the friends and family, the Ritz, the new places, the Black Country Museum, The Big Pit, Ross the Hoss, the chilli crab, the Marina Sands area of Singapore, the comments from many of you that made us laugh, all the very cute dogs, I could go on forever on this one.

Best building?  The Hungarian Parliament for sure.

Best statue. Too many to count.

Favourite food, Chilli crab. Just about everything was fabulous but we will always remember being up to our elbows in chilli crab.

Could not have done it without the best ACC, (Auntie Cat Cushion), on the planet.  Thank you Ellany for your regular updates on our furry baby and we enjoyed our holiday so much more knowing she was safe in your capable hands and on your comfortable lap!  We received a photo about every 3 Days so you have to say that our ACC did more than look after the cat and the house, she looked after our mental well-being too.  We arrived home to a spotlessly clean house and discovered that one day Libby had gone missing and both Ellany and lovely neighbour Joy, (also our taxi to and from the airport) had searched the house several times over and couldn’t find her, (she’s an indoor cat only) and were trying to work out how she got out, how someone had stolen her or if aliens had beamed her up when finally Joy found her well hidden behind gear in a spare wardrobe.  Though we all laughed about it, I know that horrible feeling, and thank you both for the care and attention.  Here are just a few of the pics we received.

Distance travelled on foot – approx 539,112 steps = 367 km = 228 miles.

Kilos added. Garrie only 2.4 kilos and me 4.1kg. How is that possible? He drank all that beer and ate far more – grrrr. Still not bad for 7.5 weeks of total indulgence!

OK the quick quiz.

1) What was the underwear affair and where did it take place?

2) What is Cheryl’s favourite breakfast food?

3) Name at least one show we saw in London

4) Where did we stay in a narrow boat.

5) Our favourite food in Singapore?

The first 3 correct answers to hit the comment field win lots of love and laughter!

So many of you have commented that you will miss the blog. Thank you for that. Now if you can just hang on for a few months we’ll be off on the next adventure – The Panama Canal and Hawaii for my special birthday in April 2018. Until then it’s time to sort the washing, pack away the suitcases, check for all the typos before I turn this blog into a keepsake book and go on a no carb diet!  Thanks for being with us. Cheers and thanks to you all for being part of the fun! Xxxxxxx


Here’s Cheers!

So the “beer of the day, that started back in 2014 continued with this trip and you guys seem to really enjoy it which started me thinking that it would be great to have a post to include a few of you toasting our trip! It started with this pic of Garrie with his beer of the day, an Erdinger, with the castles.

So friend, Grant Larsen, (best real estate agent on the Coffs Coast – NSW), felt he shouldn’t be drinking  alone so sent this one titled “beer of the day with no rain for 8 weeks”

Now we have a whole post of pics!
When I put in a request for pics – as quick as a flash two of my cousins came back. Hmm what does that say about this family? Lol.

Our favourite little Cous Daniel pouring his “beer of the day” and drinking s mocktail.

And our cousin Susan with some of her family and husband Pete with his “first wine of the day”.

Grant’s back with a new beer.

Then he followed up with several more on a trip to New Zealand and some from Australia. It seems the beer of the day might be a continuing trend.  I also note you found a Singha when we couldn’t find one in Singapore! (Have since discovered it is Thai beer!)

Plus some added oysters!

And then more when he returned to Sydney.

Roger with his Coopers Dark Ale

Then with a few more whilst cruising and also reading the blog. Major browny points for those last pics Rog!

Cousin Ellen cannot make up her mind which is her favourite.

Good friend Tony joined in the fun.

I missed one of my favourite wines from Chepstow so thought I’d add it in here.

My favourite cider was certainly the cloudy apple.

Prosecco was another drop of choice.

Really though the drink did not matter. It was the many wonderful people we were able to drink with that made this trip so very special. Here’s cheers to you all!

We’ve loved all the places but it’s the people who make life wonderful and I include both those we have shared this journey with in person and those who have followed it on the blog. Love you all.

Singapore – Last Day

The night skies lit up last night as a spectacular storm passed through.  Hard to photograph but the comparison between these two pics taken from our bedroom window should give you the idea.

Amazingly my blisters, though still visible, (don’t panic no pic),  don’t hurt at all today. At 24,605 steps, Thursday was our biggest walking day of the trip and we walked 17,250 yesterday so I am amazed at the recovery. Add a touch of sunburn on one arm to my misdemeanours but that doesn’t hurt either. With my skin it always looks worse than it is but add long sleeved shirt to the socks today.

Our final wonderful breakfast at The Fullerton and yes it included smoked salmon for me. Then we headed out. We had this idea to hire scooters today to go and “whizz” around the Marina Bay Gardens but after test rides we discovered they would only take cash and we didn’t want to go and sort more out. As we walked away feeling a bit disappointed Garrie wisely said, “these things often happen for a reason”.  He was entirely right as we couldn’t have done what we did today with scooters.

We walked on to the gardens and one thing we missed yesterday were the two huge domed buildings, one called the Flower Dome and the other the Cloud Forest. We realised pretty quickly we wouldn’t have been able to visit them with two scooters. We organised our tickets and braced for more heat as we entered the first dome. Surprise, surprise it was beautifully cool inside. An amazing array of succulents, cacti and various other plants greeted us with some amazing sculptures dotted about starting with this swan.

The succulent area had an Alice in Wonderland theme – memories of Oxford!

Interesting views of Singapore from the windows.

This dragon looks down on the flowers below.

This pic begs a question about bellies that I’m leaving alone.

Lots of flowers we know but also varieties I hadn’t seen before.

The Australian garden even has possums.

We loved the South African garden with some lovely sculptures and fabulous carpets of African Violets. You were very much on our minds Jean Dissevelt.

You wander up and up and each corner offers something new. There are mass planting’s of poinsettias ready for their Christmas display.

This will be us in a few hours. A couple who feel disembodied dragging suitcases across the planet.

Just a beautiful place.

A lion carved from wood sits between the flower dome and our next adventure in the cloud forest.

Again so much cooler in here than outside and you wander upwards for a while and then a lift takes you 6 floors to a skywalk and you wander downwards through the various levels. Once again hats off to Garrie who has really conquered his fear of heights.  As you can see the walkways are quite narrow with grills either side. Even I was a little nervous.

Again some wonderful sculptures.

Hundreds of orchids. Yes Gai you were also on our mind.

Even LEGO appears in the pitcher plant park

More views of that building.

We were slightly disturbed to come across a display of what looked like real stalagmites but there was information everywhere about conserving the planet and climate change including several displays and a movie theatre that we had to go through on your way out so we wonder if they weren’t artificial or rescued from a cave about to collapse perhaps?

Time for lunch. Not a beer outlet in sight so it was watermelon juice and mango juice.

I never think my photos do these wonderful meals justice but suffice to say the fried Singapore noodles were fantastic in either beef or chicken.

On our way back to the hotel we took one last Singapore selfie in a huge chrome ball. Note The Fullerton in the background. We would certainly stay there again.

So now we have used our late checkout, and are all showered and ready for the long trip home, we are reluctant to go back out into the heat.  What to do?  How about sitting in The Fullerton Hotel’s Courtyard indulgently drinking cocktails whilst those around us enjoy Ritz style afternoon teas which we could not face after all those noodles.  Garrie started with a mint julep.

I’m sticking with my local favourite.

Not overly thrilled by his mint julep Garrie switched to a Moscow Mule, which I am hoping does not live up to its name or I’ll be trying to get him, three suitcases and two backpacks to the airport all on my own. That’s still my first Sling…..

Thankfully this lovely lady is sitting right next to me playing soothing music so all good so far.

We’ve had a wonderful few days in Singapore.  The heat is not oppressive like Dubai, though 29 degrees with almost 100% humidity can get to you after a while. It’s wonderfully safe and clean, the people are very friendly and there is plenty to see. I think we’ll be back.

So I think I”ll call this post quits now. I need to finish the “beer of the day” post and will send that one too shortly.  Not too many participated, but those who did made up by offering several beers. I am thinking of creating a beer connoisseur blog one day. I will also post a wrap-up once we are home with some highlights and a quiz to see if you really have been following things eg what is the value of bright orange underwear?  Our flight to Sydney takes off at midnight and then we have an afternoon flight to home. Sleeping in our own bed tomorrow night!

Singapore – two perspectives

Today we are heading to the highest point in Singapore and we also intend to see the city by electric boat tonight so that should give two very different perspectives.

Ok for those both wondering about my blisters and also hoping I don’t show them again, I’m doing pretty well thank you and scroll down as here they come. (Try to remember I am putting s book together of our memories not just entertaining you guys.)

Different shoes and socks have meant so far today I have walked over 12,500 steps and it’s only 4pm. (We are taking a breather and I’ll complete part two this evening.). Not a great night’s sleep as at 1.15am we both woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed – clearly in a different time zone and stayed awake until 4am! Finally back to sleep until 8am but I am fighting to stay awake now.

First plan for the day was to take a few statues we had seen yesterday when there were too many tourists about. (Yes I understand the irony of that remark). As we left our hotel I spotted a car for Sue H – hey wasn’t this car at the Savoy? Cute wedding car too.

Singapore is dotted with unique statues and here are a few from near our hotel.

Keeping the Singapore River clean.

Another view of our hotel.

Love this old building – The Queen Victoria Memorial Hall. Loved that on the river boat Queen Victoria was described as The Empress of India, no mention of England.

What about this for a frangipani colour.

So we are on our way to the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands. In other words we are aiming to be standing on the pointy bit at the front of the canoeish looking bit on the top of these three towers. Oh and the weird hand looking thing is the Museum of Science.

Nice view back to the city and our hotel as we wander along the esplanade.

Another statue. I love the way these are scenes played out for all to see.

How is this for imaginative use of water.

Into the Marina Bay Sands complex and shopping heaven for many.

Down a couple of levels and out to a courtyard with a spectacular lily pond overlooking the city.

Back inside and I could not understand this sign – “oldest”, “opening in 2017” huh??

Into the express lift and up 56 floors without feeling the speed and how brave is this man now? In 2014 this would never have happened.

Absolutely spectacular views.

This is the Singapore Flyer. It is the tallest wheel in the world, beating Shanghai’s by 5m and the London Eye by a whopping 30 meters. Am I going on it? Given I am looking down on it why would I? Note too the racing circuit running around it.

Just to prove we were there.

We actually purchased the tourist pics they took as they were fun, well presented and we could also access digital copies.

View of the port area and the infinity pool for hotel guests.

It was getting pretty hot and we spotted for sale Margaritas and Singapore Slings, (a bargain at S$15 each) so we indulged ourselves as it was almost 12 noon.

Even the garbage bins have greenery in Singapore.

Time to head back to earth but either the altitude, the alcohol or the lift trip had left us feeling – well a bit drunk, so time to find food. Thankfully there is an upmarket hawker style centre in the complex. Rice, duck, chicken, pork and veggies – yummy!

One more shot inside this amazing place.

Gobsmacking to think we were just up on the top of this structure.

Cruise ship in port.

Thousands of small mirror panels mean the shapes on this section are always changing. You could watch it for hours.

Plane coming into land at Changi Airport.

On the bay side the hotel looks much different and each room has a balcony.

We had intended to spend time in the amazing gardens in this complex but it was simply getting too hot so we headed home, (but we hope to be back tomorrow and here’s what we took today.). The strange tree like structures have bougainvillea growing up them and I imagine they will be very spectacular in years to come.

The moon gate.

My umbrella has been used more in Singapore, in fact you see a lot up, but to keep off the sun, rather than the rain.

Time for an ice cream. I chose a coconut ice cream that came with a drink of coconut water and a huge slice of coconut to eat, and Garrie chose rockmelon.

A quick play on the piano on the way home.

Time for a shower and to put our feet up for a couple of hours before heading out for more fun. Oh and might I just mention that our hotel toilet has now gained a name – Buddy. It comes from Garrie saying “thanks buddy” whenever he goes in as the toilet seat raises automatically! We’ll certainly miss our new buddy!

After a couple of hours of downtime we head off for some dinner and the beer of the day. On the way we find a couple more interesting sculptures. Garrie says the first one to work out the name of the second one based on the letters used wins a prize.

Sadly the beer of the day seems stuck on Tiger. Down to the places we chose to eat having no other brands.

Yes we couldn’t resist one final chilli crab and this one is trying to get off the plate. We added some garlic vegetables this time and as they were out of buns, we opted for rice.

Though we ate at the same place the crab seemed larger and the chilli a bit hotter too. Yummy!

So it seems fitting that one of our last activities should be on a boat going under low bridges – didn’t we start that way just 7 weeks ago – golly it seems years ago! These are electric boats and the lights of Singapore are oh so pretty.

There is a dragon boat festival underway.

Buildings we pass are both familiar and unfamiliar. The space ship belongs to a Government building. (Thinking we need one to jettison our current Government with.)

This one we passed yesterday on our way to Fort Canning.

Ok now this is something else I won’t be trying . They call it the reverse bungee.

Going up

And up

Then it drops you like a brick. You can just see it swinging in front of the left hand pillow.

It swings around a bit then stops to let out the terrified occupants.

I cannot even recognise Clark Quay. What happened to that great hot rock place I wonder?

Back past Boat Quay.

And The Fullerton

And out into Marina Bay. The moon is hiding but the Merlion isn’t.

The light show at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is starting. (Yes didn’t we time that well!)

I took quite a few pics of the light show, interspersed with some landmarks.

Back past The Fullerton and our boat cruise ends.

We wander along to check out the dragon boats. Loving the lights everywhere.

Time to head home. Oh and my feet have survived another 17,300 step day. Amazing how handy socks are! So tomorrow night we fly home but we do have the best part of the day to fill and still one or two things to share. See you then.

Singapore – no peanut allergies here.

We slept relatively well given we had breakfast at about 3.30pm, no lunch and chilli crab for dinner so we might be moving time zones relatively easily.  The Fullerton breakfast is ENORMOUS! Every conceivable breakfast item in several cultures is available to be eaten but, as you know, we are small eaters so no problem for us.  We had checked the maps out last night and had some ideas of what we wanted to do today and so we left the hotel at about 8.30am.  Just near our hotel is one of the neatest statues we have seen, (and we’ve seen a few on this trip.)

We headed off, finding various old Singapore buildings along the way.

Our first port of call was Fort Canning.

There are a number of walking tracks through the area, the First was the 14th century. Along the way the history is explained. Check out the lizard on the left hand side of the sign.

The vegetation everywhere is very lush.  We admit it’s nice to see the ferns  and to feel the warmth.

This is a gate left from the fort which was built in the 1800s.

The history of this place starts in the 14th century and continues to this day.

So next some retail therapy on one of the most famous shopping streets in the world.

I may have mentioned before that we are rubbish at shopping and that was evident today when we arrived about 9.30am to find nothing much happens until 10.30am.  We killed some time by starting the beer or the day early – with watermelon juice!  See he can smile even if it’s not beer.

In amongst the skyscrapers are some lovely old buildings.

We checked out a few shopping centres and then admitted this is not our thing so jumped on the MRT (underground train system) to a hawker centre we had heard about on an SBS foodie program.

At first we thought we had blown it again as many of the stalls inside were still closed but then we found a whole section that was bustling and we found some very yummy food. Chicken rice is the epitome of Singapore food so we ordered both chicken and pork rice and washed it down with two other local favourites; sugar cane juice with lime, and sweet coconut water.  Great that the food and drink stands were right next to each other.

Back to the MRT feeling very happy with our choices and off to Little India.

This area is bustling. Full of Indian restaurants and shops and loud with Indian music and full of the aroma of curry spices.

I loved this back street. Check out the air Conditioners!

One thing we have noticed is the use of motorised scooters for people to get around with, particularly men in suits which makes sense when you think about it. Bicycles aren’t the easiest things to ride in suits and walking between appointments isn’t always the best in this heat. These three look as if they might be available to hire – tempting.

We wandered through China Town and then on to The Raffles Hotel. Those who have been following this blog from the beginning will know that we had planned to stay at Raffles in Singapore. When I worked here in the 1990s I often went to the Long Bar with colleagues for a Singapore Sling and used to think how lovely it would be to stay one day. After we had booked at Raffles and had actually started our trip, our travel agent heard they were undertaking major renovations so we move to The Fullerton.  Thank goodness we did. The whole place is covered up.

Inside the sound of jack-hammers wasn’t exactly sweet music. However when in Singapore a Singapore Sling is a must. Raffles had one bar open and so in we went. Real music in the bar covered the jack hammers. This bar is also famous and not always in a good way.

Garrie wasn’t sure about the gin based Singapore Sling and so he opted for what must be the most expensive beer of the day S$22 plus 10% service charge plus 7% GST!

Still these things only happen once so on with the Singapore Sling – remember to add the 10% and 7% to the S$31.

Did I enjoy it? You bet I did. We both had a lovely time and in true Raffles tradition our peanut shells were thrown on the floor. (My goodness that’s a hard thing to do!)

Some architecture here that rivals London.

These are new theatres that have been built.  Affectionately known as the Durians. They have a similarity to the fruit.

One thing we went to look at was totally under- whelming – the Fountain of Wealth.  It’s one of those fountains that pops up and down and creates patterns that we’ve seen plenty of but the name has people thinking it might be magic and so they queue to be in the middle and touch the water. Call us cynics, but we gave it a miss.

Garrie found new friends on the way home.

Lovely flowers on the way too.

I had been feeling the balls of my feet for a couple of hours. I was wearing shoes that have walked for hundreds of hours in the past few weeks but for the first time I skipped the socks as I had shorts on, (socks and shorts, not a great combo in my book). Ok look away now if blisters worry you as I manged to rub a good one on each foot.

A shower, long pants and socks and we were off out again with a stop in our lobby as I hadn’t taken any photos there yet. It’s impressive and frankly, the room and service here have been impeccable so we haven’t missed Raffles at all.

Boat Quay is just a stroll from us and as we headed down we saw the second building today that had been designed to seem to have a reflection in it that it really doesn’t have. I hope you can see it. Very interesting designing.

We had a beer and a cider at an English pub at the Quay. Ellen they even sell Speckled Hen.

After our drinks we wandered to a restaurant further down the Quay. Nice to have a meal with a view.

When I looked to my right I could see a very strange thing. The top of the Marina Sands complex peeking around the buildings. Can you see it? Doesn’t it look odd?

Garrie had not had satay before so we ordered a mix of beef, pork and chicken.

Then we added seafood fried rice and some vegetables and enjoyed a lovely meal.

So now back in the hotel, watching some TV and writing blog posts. We’ve now walked over 24,500 steps today so no wonder I have sore feet! We should sleep tonight and therefore be into Singapore time totally tomorrow and I’m sure long pants and socks will have me on the move tomorrow – you’ll soon find out. Night night.

Frankfurt to Singapore and chilli crab

Our trip from Frankfurt to Singapore was with Lufthansa and back to business class on an Airbus A380-800. These two shots show the room Garrie had.

A glass of sparkling to celebrate another voyage.

Cameras on the nose and tail enabled us to see it all.

Frankfurt airport must look amazing at night.

Next beer was a Warsteiner.

The food was again excellent but not very well photographed. Garrie had venison pie for his entree.

I had halibut.

We both had goose for main.

Yes it was delicious. I enjoyed A United Kingdom (the movie), before getting a few hours sleep. The plane trip was very smooth and being able to lie flat is a huge advantage. I think we will find it hard to return to cattle class on these long hauls. On waking I watched A Good Year, a Russell Crowe movie I must have missed as it was dated 2006. Soon we were approaching Singapore and seeing hundreds of ships waiting to use the facilities at the Port. it’s the world’s second largest in the world by tonnage of shipping.

The nose camera gave me a good view of coming into land.

A cab ride and we arrived at our hotel – The Fullerton. I must say it is a lovely hotel and is also Singapore’s 71st national monument.

Our room is smashing.

We have a view over the river and the hotel pool.

Now I wasn’t going to take a pic of the toilet but I’m afraid I must.  Garrie was heard oohing and giggling and then he came to show me some of the toilet’s tricks.  Firstly the lid comes up automatically as you enter the room.

Then it has a number of washing and drying options. I cannot remember the exact words Garrie used but suffice to say he enjoyed the experience. I had seen these toilets before in Japan years ago but could not help enjoying Garrie’s total delight in this new toy.

We had landed at 5pm and now it was well past 6pm – and we are in Wednesday so we’ve headed back some 8 hours towards Sydney time.  I had been telling Garrie about chilli crab ever since we decided on the Singapore stopover. It was something I loved when I frequently travelled to Singapore for work in the 1990s.  I had spoken to the taxi driver who had given us the drum on the best place to go. First a visit to the Singapore Lion which is just across the road from the hotel.

The Marina Bay complex has all been built since my last trip here. They say the view from the top is spectacular.

Our destination was Lau Pa Sat, a food market not too far away.

To this store.

For chilli crab and those wonderful Chinese buns that are so yummy to soak up the sauce.

Did Garrie enjoy it? What do you think?

I had to take this pic of his hands. Eating chilli crab is a bit like eating mangoes – best done in the bath tub!

Today’s beer of the day had to be a Tiger!

On our walk back via Boat Quay we came across this extraordinary sculpture by Salvador Dali.  It reminded me of Verity, Chris.

Down to Boat Quay which is a great eating place and also a wonderful taste of old Singapore juxtaposed against the new Singapore skyscrapers.

Great views across the river.

We crossed a bridge and turned back towards The Fullerton with a great view of Boat Quay.

Back to our home for 3 nights. Time to unpack, shower, write this and then head to bed!

Goodbye UK, hello Frankfurt!

Ah how sad, our last morning with Meggy moo.

Lovely Linda and Mike cooked up a wonderful breakfast as a farewell treat.

We took a last selfie.

Michael headed to work and we headed to pack and then had a last hour with Linda and Meggy. Meggy lapping up every minute of Garrie’s attention. She looks so sad. We did try to sneak her into our bags but Linda was having none of it.

A very tearful farewell and then off with great directions from Linda. Over the old Severn Bridge and I think the tide was out.

Off in the distance the new Severn Crossing.

Still seeing plenty of solar and also wind farms.

Some lovely country roads.

A smooth diesel refill and the best hand over of a rental car we’ve ever had. We switched from Hertz to Avis this time after a few issues with Hertz and we won’t be going back.  Once again the joys of mixing economy and business class flights became obvious. If we wanted to book in our third bag they wanted GBP50! However the young lady told us we could simply drop it at the foot of the plane steps and retrieve it in Frankfurt and it wouldn’t cost us a penny extra. This we did and the small bag can come as cabin baggage on the next leg which is business class.

So it was soon goodbye UK

The plane was an EMB 135.Two seats one side and one the other, so not the biggest aircraft ever but the trip was smooth and the weather fine.  So after an hour and a half it was hello Frankfurt.

We landed in Frankfurt and the temp was 7 degrees, which is a bit nippy when you have to leave the aircraft to board a bus but from here on in all will be warm.  (Well I’m hoping the plane to Singapore will be a tad bigger and therefore have a proper boarding dock.) More security checks within the airport, (might I say Bristol was pretty slack by comparison to either Amsterdam or Frankfurt, especially as in Frankfurt they knew we’d been through security),  and safely into the Lufthansa lounge.  So now we are back in Germany what to eat?

Yes pretzels and turkey frankfurters. Beer of the day was a Becks.

Well as our next flight is 12 hours and 15 minutes and then we need to get to the hotel etc. and it will be 5pm Singapore time, I think I might just post this to keep you all happy. Next instalment Singapore!